Cucumber Greek inspired salad

June 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

For my first Beauty Detox Blogger Recipe Assignment I made a Greek inspired cucumber salad.

A Tzatziki Cucumber salad. I simply made tzatziki sauce using this recipe and covered a plateful of sliced cucumbers.

It’s been a while since I ‘d eaten tzatziki and I hadn’t made it before. It reminded me of Greek fast food( gyro e.t.c.) which is not healthy but yummy and I ‘m thinking of making veganized and healthyfied versions of those classic dishes.


Breakfast : Cheater coconut yogurt with cherry preserves

June 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

Now this isn’t your typical coconut yogurt made with fermentation. It’s a fast made cheater yogurt that I whipped up in my kitchen. Really whipped up. ┬áBecause my blender was on strike and I couldn’t use it so I whipped up the yogurt by hand. That’s the recipe! Simply blend or whip a full fat coconut milk can left in the fridge overnight. Half of it was thickened and half was water so I used all the thickened part and a little of the water. I didn’t use the other ingredients like Gena did in her recipe but it turned out ok.


Next, I topped it with cherry preserves that I made the other day. I used this recipe but with brown sugar and since I used dark cherries its flavour was more like sweetened sour cherries. Great though! I loved it!



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